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Beautiful Creativity.

SJ Originals

Let your intuition guide you

Fashion photography in the heart of Calgary.

Maternity photos at sunset.

Style and beauty. I love showing others how I see them in their own unique light.


What inspires me?

I can say I am most influenced by my own imagination, style and life experiences and I take these tools to capture SJ Originals in a raw way; through my photographs I like to portray my attraction to genuine emotion, connection, movement and the use of natural light.

My creative process involves my original perspective of the world. I follow my intuition and that combined with my art of observation has always led me to capture my best images ~

Bridal photography ~ tell your story through unique photos that that tell your love story.

Beautiful moments

From authentic lightning bolts in your family photo to a styled an engagement session to the raw power of horses at a rodeo I love being able to stop time in an image that can be relived for years to come ~