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Samantha Callioux ~My Story 

As a self taught photographer I love to share my creativity with others ~ Every time I pick up my camera I strive to capture things as I see them.  With my original ideas I hope to produce quality images with a creative twist ~ that stand alone in their uniqueness ~   

Growing up on the Go Hard Ranch a second generation which resides on the remote and beautiful shore of Chip Lake, there has never been a shortage of inspiration for me. I have always had an intense love and appreciation for horses and all things within western culture as well as my Metis heritage. 

I have spent more hours than I can count on the back of a horse whether training and barrel racing or simply sitting in the pasture studying and observing them.  I strive to learn as much as I can about horsemanship and I feel it aides me to recognize those magic moments between horse and rider. I took my love for the western way of life one step further in 2010 and had the honor of becoming Miss Grande Prairie Stompede which granted me with many more connections to the rodeo community and gave me the opportunity to be Miss Rodeo Canada's  First Runner Up in 2012.

I've always had an appreciation for fashion, I love to travel and I love connecting with people. I believe in the law of attraction and that everything happens for a reason and at the perfect time. I love being able to share my ability to capture a moment that has feel, style and conveys the passion I have for what I do. I love making a moment in time stand still and make it feel raw and emotional. I love feeling that connection where I am able to capture the very essence of whomever I am photographing.   

I have followed my imagination and intuition to  create SJ Originals ~ where I photograph images with natural light, emotion and my original perspective of the world.