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Feb 05, 2018
Write it down

Good morning! I love Monday’s it’s the day I set aside to get my shit together ~ whether it be returning emails and phone calls to crossing things off my to do lists or creating new ones. Today I’ve already accomplished what I wanted to which feels good! I start everyday with gratitude for the amazing life I’m able to live and on Monday’s I make sure to do so even more and set that intention for the rest of the week. Today I’m creating outlines for some big projects that I’ve been working on this winter. But I’ve also set aside some time this morning to revisit some of my old goals and see if I’m on track or if I’ve actually accomplished any! And I dug up one list in particular

Four years ago before I really found my photography I was at a crossroads in my life where I didn’t have a clear vision of where I wanted to go next or even what it was I wanted to do; my mom sat me down and made me put together a list of the things I wanted. I wanted freedom (financially and spiritually) I wanted variety, I wanted to nest and create my own space, I wanted horses in my life, and I knew I wanted to live in the country, travel, be creative, happy and connect with people (to list a few). She then made me take those vague answers and break them down into specific lists. How would each make me feel? And how would it actually look? Every single thing I said I wanted I did this for. It was super challenging at that time but I did it. Ten pages later I had a specific outline of what I wanted out of my life. And then I ordered them in the order of importance for me and I put them in a box and let the universe do its thing.

 I did not have a clue how I would attract these things. But I can confidently say I have attracted them into my life... and in the order of importance that I gave them. I still have a couple things left to do and I want to reorganize the importance of them now after reading through the lists, but I am so grateful to have taken the time to outline them four whole years ago.

So I want to know if you’ve ever sat down and done something similar? Do you use a vision board? Or what have you found success with in manifesting what you want most out of life?

The Universe
Law of Attraction